Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lots of things I want to talk about today, so this is going to be an awfully random blog.

First of all, it's Banned Books Week. You probably have seen me mention this is one of eighty other places, but it bears mention. I'm firmly against banning books, even - and especially - children's books. You don't like the idea of your kid reading "And Tango Makes Three," a book about two gay penguins who adopt a baby? Don't read it. Don't let YOUR kid read it. But don't stop everyone else from reading it, either. I think you all should take a list at the banned books from the last decade or so, by clicking right here and then here to read why some books are challenged. Then pick up a banned book or two and read them. In honor of freedom of speech. And not being terrified of anything even slightly different than you. And do what your can to support the ALA and the abffe.

Secondly, I'm doing a little better with this second kid thing. Less freaked out, for sure. I know that we'll manage somehow. Thanks to everyone who commented. I seriously appreciate the support and advice.

I do have something to ask you all. We intended to wait until the big ultrasound to tell Rhi. But the big ultrasound can take like an hour, and they actually advise that you don't bring your kid to it. We have a smaller one coming up in October, and I'll be, like, thirteen weeks then. Is that too soon to tell her? I'm concerned only because my mom lost a baby at like 23 weeks. :( And I don't think I could cope if I miscarried and had to explain to Rhi what happened. But seriously, there's a risk the entire pregnancy. And I can't wait til the baby pops out to prepare her out of my own fear. So, advice? Some of you have more than one kid. How'd you tell the youngest? Do you have any book recommendations or anything that you used to help explain?

I'm pretty over feeling sick all the time. It seems like I constantly feel nauseated and tired. I was so lucky with Rhi to not have those symptoms. This one's a whole different ballgame. And nothing's consistent. One day I want comfort foods, one day I want meat, one day something will taste amazing and the next it's wretched. And I have to eat ALL THE TIME. Seriously, a couple times, I've woken up because I was so hungry. After eating right before bed. How weird is that? Sigh. Three weeks left of trimester one. Hopefully it tapers off after that.

I have to mention here that Shane is the sweetest, most supportive man ever. He does literally everything to make sure I feel ok, to take care of me. I appreciate it so much. He's such a great boyfriend, and he's going to be a wonderful dad.

I'm sick of the comparisons of Obama to Hitler. I'm not 100% down with everything Obama does at all, but let's get over ourselves here. It was irritating when people said it about Bush, too. You know who was Hitler? Hitler. No one else. I get that America's in a shaky place. I get that the government has made almost everyone angry in some way. But calling someone Hitler won't fix it. I read a great article today that I totally agreed with on what could vastly help, though. So I'm posting a link to it here, and I sincerely hope you'll all read it. Whining does nothing to fix the American government. Getting involved could.

I've got more, but, damn, I'm nauseated. So I'm going to go drink some ginger ale and try not to puke. Great way to end, yeah? lol.

Until next time.


Star said...

I forgot to spell check and I was typing really fast while a toddler bounced on the bed. So I blame any errors on that.

Harmony said...

As far as the big ultrasound; I took Catelyn, the dude who did my ultrasound was perfectly cool with that. I refused to tell Catelyn until I was well out of my first trimester, cause I've had to many miscarriages to tempt fate. As for telling her, didn't use a book, was upfront and to the point. I showed her an ultrasound pic (my second, I think. I've gotten more than just two). Our ultrasound dude also gave us a CD that had short video of the heartbeat and such, which made it more real to Catelyn. Explained what it is, and told her that we were going to have a baby. I asked the typical questions that pertain to the 4 year old brain, do you want a girl or boy (explained that it'll be a surprise, at that time)... and so on. Be frank (which I know you don't have a problem with).
Yeah, I don't and haven't ever had a craving. But I killed some watermelon, and steak. My eating habits also bounced from odd family groups. It's weird. I was told my second pregnancy would be way easier this time round, yeah they lied. This has been WAY rougher. I get tired of listening to myself whine. ;-)

The idea of banned books does remind me of Hitler, and Fahrenheit 451, which leads me to Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, Catch 22 and 1984. :-)

And Hitler sucked ass, but at the time people (of many different countries) thought he rocked. And no he isn't a good reference point, at the time he was a blessing, looking back we see how deluded people were.

Sorry so long, and the spelling errors are mine, all mine damn it!

Sara said...

Knowing my kids, who are three and four, I would tell them as soon as I started showing and they could feel the baby. So probably around 16-20 weeks. You have to make the call, based on your kid. Mine are inquisitive and I could just say "Mommy is having a baby." and a few weeks later they'd have more questions. Then more questions and more questions... LOL Don't fret it. Rhi will be fine.