Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Medical Mysteries with Star

Hey, remember that Medical Mysteries show that they had on ABC for a short time? Where they'd, like, give you this list of symptoms and small backstory on someone and you had to guess what was wrong with them, then they eventually told you?

Probably not. You probably are less lame than me and did things that sucked less than watching ABC primetime.

Well, we're gonna play the Medical Mysteries game, regardless.

Patient Star is 27 years old. Her symptoms are:
-light headedness
-palpitations (occasionally)
-aversions to certain foods
-peeing a lot

Any guesses on what these symptoms mean?

*commercia break*

If you guessed that Star is dying of a horrible disease, you are so wrong, and also, you should stop cursing people by saying such things. Jesus. What'd Star ever do to you, anyways? She's pretty nice and stuff.

Oh, yeah, if you guessed pregnancy, give yourself a gold star, because you are correct.

Shane and I are six weeks pregnant, and appear to be due on the 19th of May. I'll have my first appointment on the 12th of October, and we'll know more then.

Commonly asked questions:
-Yes, we were pregnant before the breakup. No, we didn't know when we got back together, ergo, we did not get back together "for the baby."
-No it wasn't planned.
-No, we are not getting married right now. Why? Because I'm not letting you all say Shane just married me for the baby, that's why. Also, other reasons. But that's one of the largest.
-Yes, I am the hottest pregnant chick you know. Duh. ;)
-No, I'm not telling Rhi yet. Early pregnancy is fraught with potential for bad things to happen, and while I could explain that to you all if it happened, I couldn't to a two year old. She'll know when we have the ultrasound. And, trust, she won't notice me getting bigger, she didn't notice when I bleached my hair, for godsakes. And if she does, she'll just think I'm fat.

So there you go, folks. The big news.

Yay babies.


Harmony said...

Go Star! Rock the sexy pregnant thing! :-)

claire said...

yay thats amazing! congrats@!!@ **snorgles**

Star said...

I spelled commercial wrong. I blame Shane's keyboard.

Thanks, guys. :)

Jessie Pixie said...


Jessie Pixie said...

does that mean i don't have to keep my mouth shut about it anymore? :-P

Star said...

Indeed, Jess. Shout it from rooftops if you need to. And let me know about those diapers. :)

-Jenna- said...


Amy said...

Congratulations! I'm sure he or she will be adorable!

Sara said...