Friday, July 2, 2010

Stay at home mom

I'm officially one. I resigned from my job today, which was kind of nerve-wracking.

I did apply for, and interview for, another job about a week ago. It is one where I'd get to bring Keira, though, for awhile and I won't know about it for a couple of weeks.

I'm nervous, because if I don't get this job, I've just pulled out the rug on me making any money for awhile.

However, I could never work at the preschool and go to college. It's just impossible. And with Shane's recent upgrade in jobs, no income from me is more workable than ever. And we've been doing on one income since May, so...

Still scary, though.

This new job would be perfect - I could even do it while doing school, so that would rock. I'm crossing my fingers times a million.

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