Monday, July 12, 2010


I am not a materialistic chick.

I can happily live in small places, not have a lot of money, buy things at thrift stores and drive older cars. Doesn't phase me. I've always figured that *who* I am with is more important than *where* I am or *what* I have.

But this trailer has been all nine circles of my personal hell.

We have been inflicted with bugs of all kind, mice, leaking windows, rotting floors, busted's been, quite frankly, awful.

All of that is coming to an end, though.

Thanks to our wonderful family giving us a loan, we are getting a much much much nicer, better trailer. We plan to use this one as storage and live in that one this winter and while we build a house next spring.

I am the most excited that I have ever been. Seriously, I'm excited about lame stuff like steam cleaning my rugs at the new place and stuff. It's insane.

Annnnd, we won't all be sharing a bedroom anymore! Yes, you read right - up until now, all four of us have been in one room. While Keira will still room in with us - even if we stop co-sleeping, it's just easier that way - Rhiannon will have her very own room. Which means her 8 million toys will have their own home, too, lol.

We have a final walkthrough of the new place tomorrow to make sure that everything is up to par. And if it is, hopefully, next week or so, we'll be in the new place. Squeeeee!

I want to thank not only the family, who have been freaking incredible, but also a few friends who have done so much to make us have a more comfortable experience here. Atina, Tara, and Jessica - thank you sooooo much. You guys are amazing. Jessica, even though my lazy ass fiance hasn't gotten that fan yet, you are incredible for offering it. One of these years, he'll remember, haha. And Atina - I swear, every time I've needed help with something, you've offered it up like we were family, and it means soooo much to me. Tara, you're the same way. You guys are so giving and wonderful, and when I have money again, I am taking you all out to dinner.

Anyways, fingers crossed tomorrow goes well, and one more YAY!!!!! for the road. :)

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MommaYoung said...

Good Luck Girl, I am crossing my fingers for you guys...