Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm not an addict

But I was.

After Rhi, as many of you know, I lost a lot of weight on Weight Watchers. Well over 100 pounds. One of the many, many things I did to accomplish this was by swapping soda for tea. Tea that I sweetened with Splenda.

I used Splenda in a lot of other stuff, too.

But mostly tea. And if the place I was getting tea from didn't have Splenda, I swear, I shook like a crackhead from the lack of it.

I knew, smart person that I am, that maybe Splenda might not be the best thing ever. And I'd heard the studies about artificial sweeteners making you fatter, or causing health problems. But I didn't seem to have those issues, so I overlooked them.

Then, I got pregnant with Keira.

I don't do a lot of artificial crap while pregnant. I feel like I should not throw too many chemicals at a newly developing life, you know? So I cut the tea cold turkey. Which sucked, but in nine months, I could go back.

Well, I did go back - to the tea. I'm still not drinking gallons of the caffeinated kind, but I'm in love with tea, and not a huge water person. But I still haven't done any Splenda. I sweeten my tea still, but lightly, with regular sugar. I thought this would be an issue, but I've grown accustomed to less sweet beverages now. Which is good.

This is all part of my attempt to eat healthier foods and set a good example for the kids. Gotta admit, it's been circumvented slightly by trying to deal with an infant and toddler and keeping the house respectable - especially since Keira is a high maintenance baby for sure. But I found a huge cookbook of healthy crock pot stuff, so I'm going to start doing that. :) I really want my family to put good, nutritious things in their bodies. Including Shane, despite his hatred of anything not processed and heaping with MSG, saturated fat, and yellow dye #4. ;)

In other news...I'm going to resume running tonight. Which will probably be more like jogging, or power walking, since I haven't done anything in forever. Hopefully my guts won't fall out lol.


gardenofsimple said...

haha - I hope your guts don't fall out too! :D

I hate the dependence on splenda all diets seem to have.

Try sucant, which is sugar - just not refined and processed. I use small amounts of stevia and xylitol too (i'm weary of them too, but they're more 'natural' than spelnda)

Star said...

My guts didn't fall out. So that's encouraging.

I've done stevia, it tastes ok, but has an odd smell. I'll look into sucant, though. Thanks!

Summer said...

I do honey for tea. I can't stand the taste of any artificial stuff sweetners, lol.

And I am a crockpot addict. I love, LOVE my cookbooks. One in particular. It has everything from curries, to soups to whole roasts. I loooves it, and I have yet to make something from there that Drew and I won't both eat.

Enjoy the crockpot world, and if you find any good recipies, feel free to pass them along, I love to try new things!!!