Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson and Haiti

So unless you live under a rock, you know about the earthquake-torn Haiti (and hopefully a few ways to help, should you be so inclined.) But you may not yet have heard all about why it happened. I mean, I totally just thought it was a terrible natural disaster. Thank dear baby Jesus that Pat Robertson was there to correct us all.

Pat Robertson, for those of you lucky enough to not know, is a televangelist and the host of the 700 Club. He also once ran for President, and thank the lord, didn't win, and has famously said things like 9/11 was God punishing us for gays, lesbians, abortions, et cetera. He's the real epitome of a good Christian, let me tell ya. (/sarcasm) Anyhoo, Pat Robertson wants you to know that Haiti made a pact with the devil, and now God is punishing them. This pact apparently took place during the time of "Napoleon the third and whatever"(gotta love Robertson's amazing grasp of history there) and only now is God retaliating. Little late, isn't it, big guy? Were you waiting for the element of surprise?

Seriously, though. What happened in Haiti was a disaster and a tragedy, but one of very natural origins, not a godly punishment dolled out for something that happened in a (skewed) historical timeline. And it's incredibly distasteful and disgusting that someone who claims to be a Christian would be being such a douche about it.

What's more disgusting, though, is that you know people buy what he's selling. Think about it. The man didn't become what he is because no one listens to his nonsense. This is the truly horrifying thing about religion. (Please note: in the next two sentences, if I just offended you by calling religion horrifying, you will understand what I mean and probably forgive me.) Religion can be twisted by charismatic yet evil people like Robertson to make those who are easily led rush into blind hatred. Obviously not all religions or religious people do this - I saw several pastors on Twitter emphatically stating that they disagree completely. But there are a lot of easily manipulated people out there. and people who have agendas full of hatred like Robertson can and do seduce a lot of them. It's scary and bad.I sincerely believe that if the end of the world happens by the hands of humans, it has a strong chance of being because of some horrible person manipulating generally good teachings (because most of the teachings of most religions are generally good, decent ones) into something awful and convincing others to go with it. 


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