Friday, January 8, 2010

For Serious?!?

Did you know that there are people who believe that HIV doesn't cause AIDS?

I'm quite literally shocked by this.

These people, often called HIV deniers or AIDS deniers, have a couple of trains of thought. Some completely deny that HIV even exists, while others attest that it's a harmless passenger virus that doesn't cause AIDS. If they do believe AIDS exists, they attribute it to a multitude of non-HIV things, like the drugs given to HIV patients to keep them alive longer.

What's terrifying about this is that there's a small minority of idiots actually making people think that taking HIV meds is a bad idea. So there are earlier deaths resulting from that. Plus, they don't think HIV is passed sexually, so it's no big deal to them for someone infected with HIV to have unsafe sex with someone who doesn't. The social irresponsibility of that is simply disgusting. And possibly worst of all is that these people, if made pregnant, don't think it's necessary to take drugs to keep their fetus from getting HIV. Quick fact: if given the right medications during pregnancy and if  the mother abstains from breastfeeding, the fetus has a 1% chance of becoming HIV positive. 1%. Great odds. But HIV deniers have no qualms about not taking those medications, and usually do breastfeed.

As a parent, I find that criminal.

When you're pregnant, you have an inherent responsibility to that fetus. You're growing a life. Your needs and wants and lofty ideals come in second to the child you are responsible for. The end. It's why, even though I might want a margarita like a man on the Sahara wants water, I don't drink one. It's why people quit smoking. It's why people who are sure they want intervention-free home births turn to regular obs when they have pregnancy complications. Because ideals aren't as important as the child you're entrusted with.

Stupid people have always upset me. Dangerously stupid people like this terrify me with the potential for harm that they have. 


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I know! I'm really blown away. I guess I should have known, though, that if there are people fucked up enough to deny the Holocaust, there are people fucked up enough to deny AIDS.